Janis Security Management System

Product Overview

The range of technology and solutions that can be integrated into the Janis Security Management System means that the solution is applicable to both small business applications as well as large corporate or enterprise solutions. Whether monitoring a warehouse or an entire city, Janis can provide advanced technology integration and innovative technology solutions to power advanced security solutions.

Our team of security professionals and integrators has deployed the most advanced security systems around the world for private industry, government and security agencies. Let us bring this expertise to your security solution with the advanced and economical Janis Security Management System.

Our approach to integration and the advanced capabilities of our software tools allow us to offer integration of your legacy equipment as well as the provision of new advanced solutions to meet your needs.

The high security level of our software and hardware solutions means that we can offer a FIPS certified solution that meets high government and industry standards for secure networks.

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Janis Security Management System