Remote Monitoring

Challenge: How to protect remote perimeters?
Criminal organizations, violent environmental activists and terrorists cells are active around the world and are consistently attempting to exploit vulnerabilities to forward their agenda and enterprises. Organizations need to protect key perimeters including assets, infrastructure and borders. These perimeters are often vast, isolated and vulnerable. How can organizations provide timely information on high risk activity to its personnel in the field and in operations centres in an efficient and cost effective manner?

The Janis Security Management System can monitor a variety of our Covert Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) providing critical intelligence worldwide by efficiently detecting, identifying and transmitting real time data to key operational personnel and centres. JANIS’s sensor systems use a variety of peripheral detection components including passive infrared, seismic and magnetic detectors to transmit data utilizing a variety of techniques including: satellite, radio frequency, and wireless communications. JANIS’s UGS provide indications of activity and send imagery to operational centres to verify and quantify the nature of the threat. Multiple autonomous UGS systems can be deployed in areas of responsibility (AORs) around the world and provide operational data to both local tactical operators as well as to large monitoring centres in the form of a Common Operational Picture(COP). JANIS’s Common Operating Picture can be integrated with multiple manufacturers sensor systems.

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