Janis Video Control

Advanced video control, management and integration is provided. FIPS compatible secure data transmission means that the Janis System can meet the needs of high security requirements for corporate, government and military applications.
Key Features:

  • Advanced Security –FIPS 197 and FIPS 140‐2 compliance for encryption and authentication for all LightHouse™ server/client communications.
  • Interoperability management between all systems connected.
  • Advanced graphics for AutoCAD and raster based graphical maps and vector based icons.
  • Common location for all log/history including media (audio/video) for all systems connected
  • All systems and users interoperable with conditional behaviour /policies.
  • All operator access, monitoring, and controls are permission based.
  • Simple easy to use operator/user layouts that can be customized specifically for every user. Clients can connect to multiple servers and sites concurrently with permission settings Site and Workstation lockout and permission based takeover for hostile situations
  • All system activities and conditional behaviour policies can be assigned to operate within a schedule. Schedules are unlimited and can be assigned any time zone for decentralized operations
  • Time Zone management and automated reconciliation for multiple site configuration, monitoring and control spanning various time zones

Contact Us:

Canada and USA: (613)-794-3959


Janis Security Management System