Global Security Innovations (GSI) offers innovative security products, services and technical solutions to corporate, defence, government and security markets. GSI provides your organization with an integrated, end-to-end practical, effective and sustainable security solution.

GSI’s operatives and executives have extensive worldwide experience in security planning, product development and training. Our high level expertise comes from the military, Special Forces, law enforcement and business communities.

Janis Security Management System

Janis Overview

Janis provides versatile access control, video, alarm and mechanical systems monitoring and management.

Access Control

Intelligent access control systems for any size facility.

Video Control

Janis provides video management for your legacy CCTV systems as well as digital cameras.

Alarm Management

Manage security alarms integrated with other security systems and dispatch and archive events.

Remote Monitoring

Our covert unattended ground sensors provide detection alarms and imagery around the world.

Janis Cameras

Our variety of cameras will provide HD situational awareness with video analytics capabilities for fixed and mobile applications.


ISIS is an automated deception detection tool which will allow loss prevention staff to resolve matters of internal shrink.


Using Mutual link, create networks of interoperability that can instantaneously share video, audio, text and data.